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Excitement grows as objects are tugged back and forth on the scoreboard


Fans go toe-to-toe in a virtual battle of strength between two worthy opponents. Game competitors can be represented by team mascots, cars, trucks, food, or almost anything you can imagine. Fans choose which contestant they’re “pulling for” on their mobile device. Players watch as a scoreboard countdown clock signals the start of each game. Now the fun begins as fans throughout the stadium or arena swipe their mobile devices to gain the competitive advantage. Excitement grows as objects are tugged back and forth on the scoreboard display responding to crowd engagement. With victory comes the option of prize fulfillment for members of the winning team. Tug of War is a fan favorite that can be easily customized to serve the needs and interests of participants and sponsors.


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Mobile Compatible

Tablet Compatible



System Requirements:
7700 series Intel Core i7 or better
16GB of RAM
nVidia 1070 or better with at least 8GB of dedicated video memory.

Input/Output Requirements:  
Magewell USB capture SDI for input
Frame Sync for output via HDMI to convert to SDI for 1080i/p @ 59.94fps
Two Blackmagic Ultrastudio SDI boxes (special version required, no frame sync needed).

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