As the French national football team returns to its home country and homefield of Stade de France for the first time since winning the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ in Russia this past summer, Game Changer MVP will be on-site to provide fans with the best in-game entertainment.

France will take on The Netherlands in a UEFA Nations League match on Sunday, September 9, during which Game Changer MVP will utilize its popular “Filter Fan Cam” technology in partnership with AONO and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) to provide fans with custom filter options to promote both KFC and the French Football Federation (FFF).

Matt Coy, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Game Changer MVP, said: Game Changer MVP is thrilled to provide fans in France with the best of our entertainment offerings for such a momentous homecoming. We are honored to work with Stade de France and KFC to bring the power of their brands to fans at this special event through our entertainment platforms.

As part of the partnership with AONO, KFC and the FFF, Game Changer MVP will feature several custom filters for the event with its “Filter Fan Cam” software. Included in the filters will be options to transform fans in-stadium into Colonel Sanders, place a KFC bucket of chicken on fans’ heads and to apply a French football face-paint filter to each fan. One of Game Changer MVP’s most popular offerings, its “Filter Fan Cam” software capitalizes on the success of popular social media apps in use today by applying photo filters to live shots of fans during events. The interactive technology features facial recognition tools designed specifically for video board integration as live cameras capture fan images and integrate the creative filters seamlessly for display with zero delay. Applying the interactive filters to live shots has helped numerous organisations and events take their fans’ experience to a new level of engagement and entertainment. Today’s announcements continue an eventful 2018 campaign for Game Changer MVP, with its entertainment offerings being featured at recent events such as the Major League Home Run Derby and All-Star Game, ESPN’s X Games Minneapolis 2018 and Calgary Stampede 2018. Other partnerships for the company this past year have included other top-tier sporting events with the NBA Playoffs and NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. READ MORE >>

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