Technology in Stadiums Kicks Fan Engagement Up a Notch

By using Snapchat-inspired filters and real-time data analytics, sports teams are turning video boards into an interactive, exciting part of the show.

Going to a professional sports game is a thrill in itself, but teams are doing more than ever to integrate digital elements to help fans connect more deeply to the game, teams and players they love.

Video boards, which have grown impressively in size and sophistication from mere scoreboards, are a major part of the fan-engagement strategy for many teams. This is particularly true as many stadiums undergo technology renovations to improve or offer Wi-Fi for fans. One of the things that teams are experimenting with on their video boards is the use of face filter technology. Virtual filters have been popularized by social media platforms such as Snapchat. These filters, which can add virtual dog ears and a muzzle to your face for starters, are a great way to play and show off your personality. But you can’t exactly just throw up Snapchat on a video board and expect it to work the same way. That’s where Game Changer MVP, an events and entertainment company specializing in the sports and entertainment industry, saw an opportunity with its Filter Fan Cam. The company works with teams and corporations to create custom filters for their fans. Carolina Panthers fans, for example, can whoop it up and holler while donning virtual Panthers helmets thanks to the Filter Fan Cam. Read more at BizTech

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