How Social Media Impacts Sports Organizations

The popularity of social media is forcing businesses around the world to rethink their strategies and develop new approaches to marketing their brands. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram are having a huge impact. In order to compete, a business must now take into consideration how it will conduct themselves on these platforms.

This holds true for the sporting industry too. Professional sporting franchises and teams must now look to social media to improve their brand awareness, bring in customers, and interact with fans.

The article below looks at how social media impact sports and how sporting franchises are having to adjust as a result.

Teams Can Now Market Themselves Through Social Media

This is perhaps the most obvious impact that social media have. Sporting teams can now use them as a form of marketing. Research done by <a href=""></a> states that millenials spend 72% of their social media time on sports-oriented content, which makes social networks the perfect place to advertise sports events. Teams can use tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram pictures to market their brand, team, and players. Social media provide a team with access to millions of potential supporters and investors.

Teams Have To Police Players’ Behavior Through Social Media

As many sporting stars are now vocal on social media, teams and organizations have to seriously consider their behavior on these platforms. There have been numerous instances where sports superstars or even coaches have made controversial remarks or defamatory statements that have landed them in trouble.

For example, publicly criticizing an official can result in a fine for the player or the team. Obviously, this has to be policed as a sports franchises reputation can be damaged, not to mention the monetary loss.

Teams Can Use Social Commerce To Sell Tickets And Merchandise

Social commerce is a form of ecommerce that is facilitated through social media networks. Many sporting franchises are using social commerce to boost sales and revenue. A team can promote online merchandise store, for example, or even sell items directly on social media.

Furthermore, teams can promote their sponsors using social media, and even sell tickets to games or charity events, for example. Effectively, social media can be used by sporting teams as a larger online store.

Teams Can Appeal Directly To Fans During Live Events With Ease

This is another interesting development, but sports franchises now have the unique ability to appeal to their fans during live events. This has only been possible before through certain mediums such as overhead screens and announcements.

An NFL team, for example, could make live posts through social media during a game, or even create competitions that fans can enter if they are present in the stadium. Furthermore, teams could use Twitter hashtags to promote fan engagement.

As you can see, social media really does have a huge impact on how sporting businesses operate. Sports franchises and teams must take heed of social media and work hard to utilize its benefits to profit and build their sporting brand. URL:

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