MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL New Season – New Opportunities

Spring signals the return of America’s favorite pastime...professional baseball. The new season renews excitement for achieving team goals and cultivating fan engagement. Game Changer MVP is dedicated to help serve the needs and expectations of professional baseball franchises and their loyal fan base. We enhance the game experience by designing graphics, animations and videos that inform, motivate and entertain everyone in attendance. We engage and interact with fans through interactive games that are fun, entertaining and provide unique opportunities for sponsor integration and product redemption. The opening of the 2018 season also marks the release of our exciting new package of animated baseball emojis. If you haven’t updated your Filter Fan Cam library yet, now’s the perfect time to raise your game.

Here are a few examples of how Game Changer MVP is helping teams throughout Major League Baseball deliver a great product on the field and in the stands:


The Chicago White Sox utilize Filter Fan Cam and a full complement of seven interactive games to entertain fans. The Cincinnati Reds currently use Filter Fan Cam, four interactive games and are developing a new game for the 2018 season. The New York Yankees and Miami Marlins love entertaining fans with Filter Fan Cam. The Philadelphia Phillies include Filter Fan Cam and two interactive games in their fan engagement plan. The Washington Nationals task Game Changer MVP with designing branded team graphics and animations. They also utilize Filter Fan Cam and two interactive games to connect with fans and advertisers. The New York Mets are updating their interactive games for the 2018 season.

NEW TEAMS Game Changer MVP is honored to welcome three new baseball franchises to their MLB client group. The Atlanta Braves are partnering with us on Filter Fan Cam and three interactive games. The Pittsburgh Pirates have added a new interactive game to their 2018 plans for fan engagement. The Tampa Bay Rays tapped our expertise working with Ross Xpression Motion Graphics.

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