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Introducing FLASHPOINT


In a flash, a single spark can ignite a fire.


Introducing FLASHPOINT – the exciting new interactive app from Game Changer MVP, designed to engage and entertain crowds in a new, fun and distinctive way.


FLASHPOINT is the perfect complement to major sports, concerts and entertainment events. Using the video display and strobe on smartphones, the app links fans and audiences to an exciting and unforgettable engagement experience.


Use FLASHPOINT to signal a home team rally or share the love for a favorite band in concert. The app connects participants through a unified flash and graphic/video display on their smartphone. One-by-one, see and feel excitement build throughout the stadium or entertainment venue to a feverish pitch.


FLASHPOINT is a convenient and cost effective way to engage your audience and it’s easy to sync with music or video displays.


One app, thousands of participants – all sharing their pride and excitement in a unified voice. Connect fans and generate excitement in a flash with the latest innovation in event entertainment.

FLASHPOINT from Game Changer MVP.


Game Changer MVP is an industry leader in brand advancement, interactive gaming, fan engagement and client fulfillment. Innovation. Creativity. Technical Expertise. Customer Satisfaction. Individual attributes any company would be proud to claim, but rarely do all of them define one organization. The perfect blend of talent, experience and perseverance can lift a team to lofty goals, but nothing can outperform the defining difference of a real Game Changer.


Mobile Compatible


Put any image or branding on the phone screen.


Build a timeline that matches your event

Smartphone with app access or browser access to web link.

Windows PC:
Windows PC needed for scripting animation and flashing to event audio / video.
Hit PLAY to make all phones flash in sync.
Wired network required.

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