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Fight it out in augmented reality



AR Battle takes in-game competitive conflicts to another level! The game can be configured with team mascots, sponsor products, or other objects that fit whatever battle theme you choose. Fans can see and control the fighter they choose on their phones while everyone can keep track of the battle on the main board. AR Battle brings a high level of excitement and an incredible, “wow factor” to the game


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Mobile Compatible

Tablet Compatible



System Requirements:
7700 series Intel Core i7 or better
16GB of RAM
nVidia 1070 or better with at least 8GB of dedicated video memory.

Input/Output Requirements:  
Magewell USB capture SDI for input
Frame Sync for output via HDMI to convert to SDI for 1080i/p @ 59.94fps
Two Blackmagic Ultrastudio SDI boxes (special version required, no frame sync needed).